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Updated, pocket size trail maps now available (Fall 2015 edition).

Herron Park/Chase Forest Trails Map –  The latest map (November 2015) is ready! George & Elma have created an updated (includes Boundary Trail), pocket-sized map that covers all the ground. These maps are available at the main parking lot kiosk as well as Rocky Mountain Outfitter, Wheatons, and the Chamber of Commerce, all in downtown Kalispell.  If you’re in a hurry, you can download a map in PDF, but we encourage you to get a hardcopy as they’re sturdy, easy to fold, and easier to read than the PDF.


Always yield to horses and Say Hi when approaching.

Using the Trails – For decades, the trails in and around Herron Park were user-created, unplanned and unsustainable. Beginning in 2009, FTBT (with crews from Montana Conservation Corps and volunteers) began building and maintaining professionally designed trails in Herron Park and the John Chase Forest.  These trails are shared by hikers/runners, equestrians and cyclists, so safety is important. The Boundary Trail (completed in 2017) is one of two latest additions to approximately 17 miles of stacked loop trails.

Trails Extending South Toward Blacktail Mountain

Most of the land extending south from Herron Park to Blacktail Mountain is owned either by Plum Creek Timber, Stoltze Lumber Company, or the U.S. Forest Service (see overview map).  The portion of the trail on Forest Service land (from Emmons Saddle at the upper end of Patrick Creek Road to Blacktail Mountain) has been completed, though it has not been signed yet.

FTBT worked diligently with private  landowners between Herron Park and Emmons Saddle to obtain a permanent trail easement through their property. The easement was secured in spring 2017, allowing non-motorized public recreation within the Foy’s to Blacktail Trail (FTB Trail) built on their property. The trail was completed in August 2018.

Be aware that as of fall 2017 the FTB Trail is not signed and you bear sole responsibility for your safety and comfort. Signage and maps are set to be completed by summer 2018. In general, from the Herron Park trailhead to the top of Blacktail Mountain is around 18 miles.

Project area overview map by Mobile LoGIStics Mapping of Whitefish.

Project Overview Map of FTBT Project Area From Herron Park to Blacktail Mountain

Project Overview Map of FTBT Project Area From Herron Park to Blacktail Mountain